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      South Coast AQMD Notice ×

      The South Coast Air Quality Management District (South Coast AQMD) is sensitive to the ongoing challenges currently facing the public, businesses and other organizations within our jurisdiction due to COVID-19. We are committed to doing what we can to help businesses while protecting air quality, public health and safety.

      South Coast AQMD is considered an essential government agency and we are doing everything we can to ensure our core operations continue during this difficult time.

      Following advice from the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and state and local public health agencies, the South Coast AQMD Headquarters building, located at 21865 Copley Dr, Diamond Bar, Calif. is closed to the public until further notice.

      However critical functions continue including compliance and enforcement, emergency response, air monitoring, permitting, rule development and response to public complaints. We will prioritize and expedite permit applications from businesses and organizations that are changing operations to assist with the COVID-19 response.

      As part of efforts to minimize potential risk and exposure, meetings including Committee and Governing Board Meetings, public workshops and trainings will be cancelled, postponed or conducted online via phone and videoconferencing. Meeting updates can be found on our calendar page or by downloading the South Coast AQMD smartphone app.

      More information on all operational changes as part of the COVID-19 response can be found by visiting our response page. Learn more.

      • Air Quality Investigations

        Visit our Community Investigations page for information on South Coast AQMD activities in response to air quality incidents in local communities

        Learn more
      • AB 617

        South Coast AQMD is conducting efforts that will help improve air quality and public health in environmental justice communities. 

        Learn more
      • Electric Lawn & Garden Equipment Programs

        Help clean the air by replacing lawn and garden equipment with lower emission models at substantial discounts

        Learn more
      • Air Quality Sensor Performance Evaluation Center

        Learn more about the nation’s first comprehensive evaluation center to test commercially-available low-cost air quality sensors.

        Learn more
      The Right to Breathe, v2.0
      SCAQMD EV Home Charging Incentive Program
      Do One Thing
      Hydrogen - Clean Fuel, Clean Air
      Air Quality Index (AQI) Map
      Incentives & Programs
      Community Programs
      The Clean Air Choices program provides a one-stop resource for information on the benefits of using clean technologies on the road and in your home.
      Business Programs
      Financial and environmental benefits of implementing cleaner technologies from non-toxic dry cleaning machines to new or retrofit engines for heavy-duty on-road trucks.
      Local Government
      Local governments play an important role in South Coast AQMD’s strategy to meet federal and state clean air standards within the South Coast Air Basin.
      Community Programs The Clean Air Choices program provides a one-stop resource for information on the benefits of using clean technologies on the road and in your home.
      Business Programs Financial and environmental benefits of implementing cleaner technologies from non-toxic dry cleaning machines to new or retrofit engines for heavy-duty on-road trucks.
      Local Government Local governments play an important role in South Coast AQMD’s strategy to meet federal and state clean air standards within the South Coast Air Basin.
      Newsletter Sign Up
      Periodic newsletter updates via Email on a variety of air quality-related topics

      South Coast Air Quality Management District

      21865 Copley Dr, Diamond Bar, CA 91765



      © 2021 South Coast Air Quality Management District

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